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Daily Prompt: Substandard

via Daily Prompt: Substandard

Substandard…. Why so?

Human minds set standards.

Their roles and models no longer conforming to any.

Substandard is of negative minds….

Minds with dark deeds and crimes.

Why can’t we raise ourselves…?

Why can’t we be the honest and pure selves?

Let us raise our heads ….

Let us not be subservient to substandard selves.


via Daily Prompt: Heal

Heal me with your love O’ Lord

Cleanse my soul with your touch.

Grant me peace and serenity O’ Lord

Keep me away from devil’s clutch.

Empower me with strength dear Lord

To carry my tribulations with a stride.

Accord me the calmness of the deep blue sea

And the grit of a sailor under a stormy sky.


Mind, a powerful instrument of human existence….

Mind, full of thoughts and reminiscence……

Concealing emotions and feelings…..

Coexisting with heart bleeding and reeling…

Lost somewhere in the forest of disbelief and distrust

I found a soul completely trussed….


I have been wondering ever since……doing lot of introspection…. why did I visit the MahaKumbh Mela…….

Honestly speaking , I wasn’t very keen. It was at my husband’s insistence that I went to take a dip at 4.30 am on ,Makar Sankranti’ i.e. 14th of Jan 2013. We were a group of 5 families. The water was cold beyond my wildest imagination. I took three dips as told by people and…… I wondered…… did I come out wiser, purer or as a cleansed soul? There is no answer, because I felt none of the above. The only thing I know is that a feeling of peace and calm came over me with temple bells and bhajans and kirtans ringing in my ears.

After the dip at the sangam point, we rowed back to the saraswati ghat. The Sun was coming out very slowly from behind the clouds and I could see the sky getting an orangish tinge. It was beautiful. It was nature at its best. The water was also changing its colour with the early rays of the sun. The whole scenario filled me with immense peace and I felt that if God is anywhere it is here, in this peace and tranquility of the rising sun and its rays falling on to the sangam turning it into a beautiful golden lady.

So, what do I seek? Moksha? I really do not know the meaning of it. If it means renouncing the worldly things and departing, then I am not ready for it……. Then why am I here I ask myself. I think it is the magic of Kumbh and the mystic aura of spirituality that draws all of us to it. At least that’s what it did to me.

I went again with my family. We booked a tent and camped for the night at the kumbh area. It was an experience by itself. From 4.00 in the evening till 9.00 at night we went around from one ‘akhara’ to another, bowing our heads to the sea of saints and sadhus. Some were scary like the ‘nagas’ and some had something mystic and mysterious about them which drew people…….but of which they were oblivious. As time passed slowly the area started humming with the sounds of bhajans and the mahamantra ‘hare Krishna hare raama’……… It was an amazing feeling that I simply can’t describe in words. I felt light hearted as if suddenly I have been given wings and I could fly. It was an amazing feeling. So nice and so peaceful………. While getting ready for our dip at 3.30 in the morning I could hear bhajans on the loud speakers from various ‘akharas’. If anything can soothe a troubled soul then I think it is this.

I had this awesome feeling of having witnessed something really really special.



A peep

The door opened  ever so slightly …

The beautiful blue sky sneak peeped

Oh! The fragrance of the flowers engulfing me

Transporting me to heaven’s den.

What is this beautiful feeling that I am feeling I wonder…..

The cool wind touching my face…my heart…my soul…

Is this what great philosophers talk about…

Is this the touch of the supreme power and energy…..

Is this the one with whom we are all one……

I wonder……


Aaina aksar jhooth bolta hai….

Muskurata hua chahra dikhata hai aur gam ko hoton me daba leta hai…

Dard-e-dil ko khoobsurati se dil mei dabaie  rakh leta hai.

Aakhon me kajal dikhata hai aur aansoon palkon mei chupaie rakhta hai.

Yeh aaina aksar jhooth bolta hai………

Kabhi  yei mujhse  mere  hone  ki  pahchan  mange;

Toh  phir  kabhi  yei  meri  muskurahat  mange;

Mei  pareshaan  bhatakti  rahi  dard  ke  viraane  mein….

Par  yeh  aaina mujhse  har pal ka hisaab  maange.


Ek din Zindagi ne dil se pucha “tum udas kyon ho?
Kya khoj rahi ho jo mila nahi?
kya mila, jo santusht nahi?”

Dil boli ” Mila to bahut par raha nahi…..
lagta hai ki bas khoya hi hai, aur kuch paya nahi.”

Zindagi ne arz kiya”Jo mila use apna lo, jo nahi mila use bhool jao.”

Dil phir bol pari ” Kahte hain umeed pe duniya kayam hai……
par yah umeed hi to gum ka dariya hai…………
Jisme tairna mushkil aur doobna asaan hai.”

Zindagi ne arz kiya ” Mere pathrav rahon par muskurakar chalte raho……
Rasta apne aap aasan aur manzil nazdeek hi mil jayega.
Rah me phoolon ka bagicha ayega…….
unhe nazar andaz mat karna,
Kyon ki vah hi tumhe rah dikhayega.”